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Susie Quesada is the president of Ramar Foods, the company that stole the food brands Magnolia and Pampanga’s Best from the Philippines.

She was a middle-school social studies teacher who had to be dragged kicking and screaming back into the family business so that the widely derided company founded by her grandparents could have a “female” face and thus lessen the chances of open criticism for unethically pirating brands and trademarks from the Philippines.

Remember: if you want to bring up the fact that Ramar Foods STOLE brands and trademarks from the Philippines, including the iconic Magnolia logo, you are criticizing a company headed by a woman (whose business acumen was limited to handling a roomful of adolescents). And if you criticize any company headed by a female CEO, regardless of their qualifications or credentials, regardless of what the company has done, you are a very, very bad person.

Anyway…. Filipinos and Filipino Americans are boycotting the products and activities of Ramar Foods, including Orientex Lumpia, Magnolia Ice Cream, Magnolia Beef Tapa, Magnolia Hot Dogs, Magnolia Longanisa, Kusina ni Maria, Bestaste, Turo Turo Gourmet, and Manila Gold Calamansi.

Magnolia Ice Cream USA

Midtown LA has a sizable Filipino population. Apparently, many of them have been buying "Magnolia" ice cream at local stores, unaware that it is not the same as the Magnolia ice cream the Filipinos grew up with in the Philippines.

Here's the backstory of what has been dubbed the OMGpeke scandal in the Filipino American community.

Magnolia is an Asian ice-cream brand that was commercially established in the Philippines in 1925. It has belonged to the San Miguel company for most of its history.

In the 1970s, a completely unaffiliated Filipino American family in Northern California started marking their own ice-cream products with the "Magnolia" name in order to surf on the goodwill that the original Magnolia had developed among Filipinos from the old country.

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