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Magnolia Ice Cream USA

Midtown LA has a sizable Filipino population. Apparently, many of them have been buying “Magnolia” ice cream at local stores, unaware that it is not the same as the Magnolia ice cream the Filipinos grew up with in the Philippines.

Here’s the backstory of what has been dubbed the OMGpeke scandal in the Filipino American community.

Magnolia is an Asian ice-cream brand that was commercially established in the Philippines in 1925. It has belonged to the San Miguel company for most of its history.

In the 1970s, a completely unaffiliated Filipino American family in Northern California started marking their own ice-cream products with the “Magnolia” name in order to surf on the goodwill that the original Magnolia had developed among Filipinos from the old country.

The American family Quesada, operating as Ramar Foods, filed a trademark application claiming the Magnolia mark for their exclusive use in the United States. The fact that San Miguel had been using the Magnolia name and logo for much longer in the Philippines and was the originator of that name and logo was irrelevant under U.S. law.

That means all the “Magnolia” ice cream, tocino, longanisa, beef tapa, and frozen cocktail hotdogs you see in the local Filipino stores aren’t actually associated with San Miguel Philippines… They’re made by Ramar Foods in Northern California.

Really very deceitful.

RaMar has been purposely duping Filipino Americans into assuming they’re making products from “home.” Hahahaha… The current generation of Quesadas in charge of RaMar can’t even piece together a single coherent sentence in Tagalog or any Philippine language.

What’s even more brazen is that Primo John Quesada, member of the family and head of Ramar’s marketing, invented a Filipino Food Movement that is actually a registered California corporation under his control.

Each time you use the #FilipinoFoodMovement hashtag, you’re essentially promoting the “sponsor” Ramar Foods.


You gotta pity the Filipinos who have to put up with this type of unethical shit from these American-born “Filipino” poseurs. They’re only Filipinos because their parents stuck them with a company that manufactures products that can only be bought by Filipino Americans under false pretenses.

Thanks for this story tip from an AlDub fan who was harassed by the @SavorFilipino account on Twitter. Savor Filipino? Yet another PR vehicle for Ramar Foods, the OMGpeke company.

Because the @FilipinoFood account has been tweeting about the OMGpeke scandal, someone in Northern California thought it would be a good idea for their American-run @SavorFilipino and @FilFoodMovement accounts to confront followers of the Philippine-run @FilipinoFood account with the absurd claim that Filipino food shouldn’t be associated with the popular AlDub trend.

Proof that the OMGpeke agents in charge of “Savor Filipino” (and the whole fake Bay Area “Filipino Food Movement” in general) are not only unaware of the massive place of AlDub in contemporary Philippine online culture — they can’t even understand a lick of Tagalog, much less communicate in a language of the Philippines. All they know how to do is use English to harass real Filipinos who are on Twitter having fun while breaking world records as part of the AlDub Nation.

The real Filipinos on Twitter are like, “That abusive SavorFilipino account has ‘Filipino’ in their account name and are supposedly advocating for Filipino food, but they’re using English to attack us followers of the @FilipinoFood account and they’re attacking us for being fans of AlDub, who are known for eating Filipino food all the time. Maine has been snapchatting taho and sisig, among other things. These American-born people are so weird and out of touch with the Philippines and our culture.”

That’s your primer on what the Bay Area’s Filipino Food Movement, Savor Filipino and Ramar Foods are all about.

Sign the Change.org petition to Cancel Ramar Foods’ Magnolia Ice Cream Trademark