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Judge Denies Alex Thompson’s Petition

Alex Thompson is facetiously known in her current residence of Venice as suffering from “compulsive litigation disorder” — in serious fact, she uses the threat of litigation and/or the actual filing of lawsuits to intimidate those who reveal her past and present criminal records.

As manager of the Recycled Percussion band in New Hampshire, she committed several counts of fraud/embezzlement, resulting in the severing of ties between her and the band. A year or so later, after having had no dealings with the band for a length of time, Thompson came out of nowhere to file a suit against a member of the band, just as they were to be judged on the popular America’s Got Talent show on television. The timing and nature of the charges made it transparent that it was a lawsuit of opportunity. This was bolstered by the eventual findings of the court that it was actually Alex Thompson who had been stealing from the company. The band was awarded a judgment of $1.3 million — the total amount of what she stole and cost the band in legal defense fees.

More recently, she has been using the threat of restraining orders against her local critics in Venice, even actually filing a petition for a restraining order against Ivonne A Guzman, a community advocate with years of local cred who serves as a Community Officer of the Venice Neighborhood Council. Fortunately, the wisdom of the legal system prevailed again in this case as the judge denied Alex Thompson’s petition for a restraining order.

Below is a summary of the proceedings in this case. The complete text of the legal briefs will be attached in the future.

Case Number: SS020655

Filing Date: 04/12/2011
Case Type: Civil Harassment (General Jurisdiction)
Status: Judgment by Court-Petition denied 05/03/2011



GUZMAN IVONNE A. – Respondent & Respondent in Pro Per

IVONNE A. GUZMAN – Respondent

THOMPSON ALEXANDRIA – Petitioner & Petitioner in Pro Per

Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in descending order)

05/03/2011 Proof of Service
Filed by Petitioner & Petitioner in Pro Per

04/12/2011 Order to Show Cause & TRO(CLETS)
Filed by Petitioner & Petitioner in Pro Per

04/12/2011 Pet for Injunctive Order-Harrassment

Proceedings Held

05/03/2011 at 08:30 am in Department WEA, Joseph S. Biderman, Presiding
OSC re Prelim. Injunc. and TRO – Petition Denied

Source: LA Superior Court records

Case Number: SS020655

Details pertaining to her second-degree felony conviction in Texas have for the most part been published on this site, as is a summary of the $1.3 million judgment against her in New Hampshire. This career criminal is involved in other cases in the California Superior Court system — details and further analysis of this and those other cases will be published upon review.

According to her published statements in the media, Alex Thompson came to Midtown LA upon the invitation of of the Wilshire Center Business Improvement District, whose operations director is Michael P. Russell, a WC-K Neighborhood Council Board Member & co-chair of the LAPD Olympic Division C-PAB.

Alex Thompson is proud of her associations with the Hollywood and Pacific Division of the LAPD and has frequent convivial public conversations with law enforcement officials in Los Angeles, at least one of whom readily vouches for her when questioned by media outlets.

Compulsive litigation disorder?

To quote from The Independent: Litigation should carry a government health warning, because in the wrong hands it can be as addictive as a class A drug. Once exposed to the adrenaline rush of a courtroom appearance, some litigants will go on to develop a litigation habit and cannot exist without their regular fix of the law. Vexatious litigants have lost all fear and respect for the courts and their officials.