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Blonde Convicted Felon: Alex Thompson aka Venice 311

The PDF files below refer to the second-degree felony conviction of Aimee Marie Thompson in Texas. The relevant information on the criminal case in New Hampshire (as well as more recent ones in California) will be posted after review.

This professional con artist has gone by several names in the past two decades in at least three different states — Texas, New Hampshire, and California.


What the above files show is that Aimee Marie Thompson was in fact convicted of a second-degree felony crime in Texas and was ordered to pay a restitution of $65,000. It also shows that she violated the terms of her probation (euphemistically called “community supervision” in Texas) several times.

The PDF file of June 23, 2004, lists the aliases of Amie Marie Thompson as Amie M. Thompson, Alexandria Thompson, and Amiendthia Thompson. She has been referred to in California as Alex Thompson, where she identifies herself as the founder/operator of Gorgeous Digital, @StalkingAlex, Venice 311, @HollywoodLA311, @LAPDScanner, Scannerazzi, and @Koreatown311.

She was invited to Koreatown by the Wilshire Center Business Improvement District, whose operations director is Michael P. Russell, a WC-K Neighborhood Council Board Member & co-chair of the LAPD Olympic Division C-PAB.

After finagling support from Pacific and Hollywood Divisions of the LAPD, this convicted felon’s franchise in Koreatown has been promoted by Olympic Division’s Captain Tina Nieto, SLO Heidi Stoecklein, SLO Gordon Helper and SLO Joseph Pelayo. Gordon Helper has been sued by Hany Gerges, Konstantina Zarkas, and at least one other plaintiff. Joseph Pelayo has been sued by Vincent Pagkaliwangan.

Addresses that have been associated with this convicted felon include:
333 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90291
1814 Pacific Ave, Venice, CA 90291-8905
1902 Pacific Avenue, Venice, CA 90291
1655 Euclid Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404 — on the arrest warrant
8671 Hayden Pl, Culver City, CA 90232
1329 Mary St #106, Austin, TX 78704
3891 PO Box, Austin, TX 78764
1200 Treadwell St #112, Austin, TX 78704

Public records in Travis County pertaining to the criminal case in the 299th District Court give her date of birth as December 18, 1967.

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Initial details available about the case in New Hampshire:

Justin Spencer, bandleader of Recycled Percussion, won a $1.3 million judgment against his former business partner Alexandria Thompson, who had accused him of theft and identity fraud while Spencer’s group was competing on the NBC television show America’s Got Talent… Spencer also had all criminal charges against him dropped related to theft and identity fraud allegations.

Alexandria Thompson filed a lawsuit against Spencer just as Recycled Percussion was at the height of being judged on the television show. News about his being investigated by police for fraud was made public just as the percussion group competed for the show’s $1 million prize. Thompson had had no dealings with the band for about a year — when she saw them on the brink of fame on America’s Got Talent, she came out of nowhere to file the lawsuit.

Ultimately, Judge Kenneth Brown found that Alexandria Thompson was the one actually stealing from Recycled Percussion’s parent company. A team of private investigators hired by Justin Spencer’s lawyers discovered that Thompson was convicted of embezzling roughly $65,000 from a Texas photographer prior to her association with the band.

The court in New Hampshire concluded that Thompson spent more than $50,000 on herself using the company’s debit card between 2007 and 2008. She also cost them close to $300,000 due to lost revenue and other expenses, according to Court documents. Their legal expenses of over $280,000 are also her responsibility.

Further, Thompson told the band she held a degree from a college in Maryland, but there is no record of her there, according to the school.

She accessed their website and posted a pornographic picture on it. The New Hampshire court ordered her to remove it.

Thompson, who has more than five aliases, came to access Recycled Percussion’s finances while still under a Texas court order that prohibited her from having any involvement in the finances of any company.

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